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What is

Put simply: an easy way to help you or someone else find out his or her IP address. And with newer browsers, this also includes the LAN or local IP address.

For programmers or system administrators, it's a powerful API that provides a great deal more information, whether it's from the web browser, smartphone, or command line.

What else can I do with
  • Pull information from our REST API in multiple formats: text, JSON, YAML, and XML
  • Submit addresses other than your own.
  • Easy access to extended information such as:
    • Reverse DNS entries
    • Additional hostnames
    • Detailed geolocation information
    • WHOIS data for the service provider

Our API is simple and solid:

ResourceMethodParametersResponse encoding
/api/cli/ GET None ASCII Text
/api/json/ GET IP Address JSON
/api/yaml/ GET IP Address YAML
/api/xml/ GET IP Address XML
How to use

Here are just a few examples of how you could use

Via the command line:

user@host:~) curl -s && echo

Inside a shell script:

external_addr=$(curl -s

if [ $external_addr != '' ]
        run_an_exception_function $external_addr

Via a jQuery call:

$(document).ready( function() {
    $.getJSON("" + address,